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Manor History

In 1894, Casper and Anna Yost built the Offutt Mansion with architect Henry Ives Cobb. The French Chateauesque-style Mansion cost a mere $15,000 in 1894, $10 million in today’s dollars! Casper and Anna presented the home as a wedding gift to their only daughter, Bertha. In 1916 the accompanying carriage house was built near the rear of the property.


The Offutt Manor was one of the earliest high-style mansions in Omaha. It is a two and one-half story 17 room escape located in Omaha's Historic Gold Coast District.

The Manor features Gothic Revival architecture with a symmetrical facade, steeply pitched tomato red slate roof and impressive front entrance.

The interior is equally impressive with a 'Cuban Mahogany' library with a pink onyx fireplace, black walnut dining room, quarter-sawn oak entry, and grand staircase.

The home was built with gas/ornate electric fixtures and wall sconces that still grace this exquisite estate.

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Our Story

Experience the rebirth of history at Offutt Manor! Dreamvesting Capital has brought this majestic mansion back to its original splendor for all to enjoy. With a deep appreciation for Omaha's rich past, our team poured their hearts into studying the Yost family and their legacy. Now, as you explore the stunning rooms and soak up the elegant ambiance, you'll feel connected to the stories of those who came before us. We can't wait for you to make unforgettable memories at Offutt Manor, and we feel truly honored to share this treasure with you. 

- Dreamvesting Capital Group

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